8 CRE Thought Leaders You Should Follow on Twitter

Ten years ago, this week, the first tweet was ever sent.

Although it has taken commercial real estate professionals most of those ten years to embrace the social media platform, there has been a recent shift in adoption. Whether you are a veteran tweeter or newbie, the most important thing to do on Twitter is to follow and engage with the right people — it will help you build an online community and a great brand.

Here is our list of best CRE thought leaders to follow:

1. The Tenant Advisor
Coy Davidson of Colliers is arguably the strongest CRE presence on Twitter. With over 27k followers and counting, he is a lead example of how to use Twitter to build a brand. He regularly shares a mix of his own content, a curated CRE Business Daily, and other relevant links. (He made it onto our list of top bloggers, as well).

2. Michael Lagazo
Michael Lagazo’s Twitter feed is one of the best to follow if you’re looking for a regular stream of CRE insights, news, and best practices. To date, he has sent almost 100k tweets! Pulling from a huge variety of sources and publications, he regularly shares and engages on all types of topics.

3. Barbi Reuter
Barbi Reuter is another great example of how to use Twitter to build a brand. It is hard to follow her for a day and not get a sense of her personality and interests. She regularly tweets about CRE, CREW, Arizona, and marketing best practices.

4. Pierce R. Neinken
Pierce is a must-follow if you’re interested in technology or tech tenants. Given his background — he’s a Global Portfolio Manager at Airbnb and founder of CRE // Tech — it’s no surprise that most of his tweets address these areas.

5. Julie M. Augustyn
Julie Augustyn is a retail pro. Regularly invited to speak on panels, she continues the dialogue in the Twitter-sphere. She is extremely active on the platform and shares a wide variety of blog articles and is focused on helping people stay in the know.

6. Duke Long
Just read Duke’s Twitter bio and you’ll know what his tweets are all about: “Commercial real estate writer w/ opinions, attitude, and occasional F-bombs.” Demeanor aside, Duke’s feed provides real-time insights into CRE, CRE tech, and event news. (He made it onto our list of top bloggers, as well). 

7. Brandon Sedloff
Brandon’s Twitter feed is self-described full of “real estate bubble talk.” He is a huge proponent of CRE tech and bringing innovation to real estate. Follow his work as Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations for Urban Land Institute and see a guy who is in the know.

8. Brandon Weber
Admittedly, this may be a little self-serving, but VTS CPO Brandon Weber cultivates a pretty good Twitter feed. Follow him if you are looking for regular tweets about CRE tech, real estate insights, or news about the VTS team. Also he climbs mountains and shares some pretty epic summit photos.

Billy Fink
Billy Fink
Billy Fink is a former member of the VTS team.
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