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VTS transforms what is possible for commercial real estate. Working in partnership with over 35k users, VTS creates better ways for landlords and brokers to operate, collaborate, and drive portfolio performance.

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Physicians Realty Trust
Mark Theine
Executive Vice President, Asset and Investment Management
Hear from Mark Theine (Executive Vice President, Asset and Investment Management) on how they were able to manage their leasing and reporting process at scale with VTS.
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Merritt Properties
Jean Farnsworth
Leasing and Market Research Analyst
VTS has enabled Merritt Properties to strengthen their tenant relationships and reporting capabilities in a scalable and efficient way.
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Rubenstein Partners
Jonathan Jacobs
VP, Asset Management
Hear from Jonathan Jacobs (VP, Asset Management) on how Rubenstein Partners was able to accelerate their leasing process, make real-time decisions, and craft a more informed tenant strategy with VTS.
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Artis REIT
Adam Cuthbert
Analyst, Leasing & Asset Management
Hear from Adam Cuthbert (Analyst, Leasing & Asset Management) on how Artis REIT achieved a dramatic deal approval and reporting efficiencies with VTS.
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Artis REIT
Reggie Chan
Vice President, Asset Management
Hear from Reggie Chan, (Vice President, Asset Management) on how Artis REIT drove a 4X increase in productivity with VTS.
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Sage Realty Corporation
Jonathan Kaufman Iger
Learn how Sage Realty created the best portfolio strategies from embracing data & VTS.
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Merritt Properties
Shaelyn Mullaney
Leasing and Business Development
VTS has enabled Merritt Properties to manage the deals in their leasing pipeline more efficiently.
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MRP Realty
John Dalton
Vice President of Acquisitions and Investments
MRP Realty is a leading owner, developer and operator of ofice, industrial, and residential real estate with a headquarters in Washington D.C. and additional presence in New York City and Philadelphia. The firm prides itself on staying at the cutting edge of what’s new and credits its early adoption of technologies such as VTS for allowing it to successfully roll out new real estate strategies and continue its impressive growth.
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Denholtz Associates
Steve Cassidy
Denholtz Associates is a privately held, fully integrated development, investment and management firm based in New Jersey, with assets primarily in New Jersey and Florida. The firm is a strong advocate for technology and is at the forefront of innovation, believing that those commercial real estate companies not using new technologies will ultimately fail.
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AR Global
Zachary Pomerantz
Senior Vice President, Asset Management
Hear from Zachary Pomerantz (Senior Vice President, Asset Management) on how AR Global is closing deals faster & improving tenant retention with VTS.
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Beacon Capital Partners
Sara Shank
Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Management
Beacon Capital Partners is a tenant-focused, private real estate investment firm. Headquartered in Boston, Beacon Capital Partners invests in high-potential ofice properties in major U.S. markets. The firm has refined a proprietary investment sourcing model and developed a robust operating platform to transform properties into distinctive workplaces that attract today's tenants. Since 1998, Beacon Capital Partners has raised over $13.5 billion in equity from a diverse list of investors, fueling over 160 office investments with a projected total value of $40 billion.
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Regency Properties
Jim Wittman
Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President
Regency Properties is a leader in locating, upgrading, and revitalizing retail assets in markets that serve as shopping, government, manufacturing, and agricultural hubs. With properties in 18 states across the U.S., the firm has aggressive growth goals – it is planning to expand from 6.3 million square feet to 10 million in the next three years.
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Bridge Commercial Real Estate
Jeff Shaw
CEO, Bridge Commercial Real Estate and Partner, Bridge Investment Group
Hear from Jeff Shaw, (CEO of Bridge Commercial Real Estate) on how they capitalized on cutting-edge technology to scale rapidly.
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Kennedy Wilson
Evan Kantor
Managing Director - Commercial Investments
Kennedy Wilson is a publicly traded, global real estate investment firm, focusing on ofice and multifamily properties in the Western U.S., U.K., and Ireland. The firm has been in business for over 30 years and has 516 employees working in 26 global ofices. The firm sees technology as the way of the future and believes platforms like VTS enable its teams to make the best possible decisions in real time – increasing their competitive edge and helping them deliver on their fiduciary obligations to shareholders.
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Julian Carey
Executive Property Director
Stenprop is a listed property company in the midst of a major business transformation. The firm currently owns approximately £750 million of multi-sector assets across the U.K., Germany, and Switzerland, but recently decided to change its business model and focus exclusively on becoming the leading multi-let industrial business in the U.K. To that end, the firm is pioneering the concept of space-as-a-service in the sector.
Technology is playing a crucial role in Stenprop’s transition.
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Granite Properties
John Robbins
Senior Managing Director
Granite Properties is a $10 billion privately held commercial real estate investment, development, and management company with 8.8 million square feet of office property as well as close to 100 acres for future development.
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Harry Foster
Portfolio Manager
The UK’s largest listed development and investment company needed one central location to store its leasing and tenant data.
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Boston Properties
Jim Whalen
Hear Jim explain how VTS helps him leverage data in new ways.
Jacob Werner
Managing Director
Hear how Blackstone spent eight months evaluating CRE technology options.
Nicola Crosby Real Estate
Anthony Paes-Braga
Asset Manager
Standardized reporting, centralized information and faster responses help Nicola Crosby Real Estate Investments push out offers sooner.
Kennedy Wilson Europe
Ryan Benevides
Portfolio Manager
Using VTS, Kennedy Wilson Europe spends less time collating data and more time becoming experts in the markets.
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Arcis Investments
Lisa Cadieux
Operations Manager
Arcis Investments uses VTS to improve tenant relationships and reduce downtime.
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National Real Estate Advisors
Patrick Reilley
Asset Manager
Learn how National Real Estate Advisors accelerates decision making and expedites the deal approval process with VTS.
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The Ardent Companies
Scott Doksansky
Managing Director
The Ardent Companies uses VTS to spend more time on new acquisitions instead of leasing calls.
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Tritower Financial Group
Todd Twombly
Director of Asset management
Tritower Financial Group uses VTS to increase leasing efficiency and identify market insights.
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Peter Riguardi
President, New York Tri-State Region
VTS arms JLL with accurate, real-time data, enabling brokers to focus on where they can add the most value for their clients.
Bob Alexander
Chairman of New York Tri-State Region
Hear how VTS has enhanced collaboration between the Agency and Tenant Rep sides of CBRE's business.

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