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What happens when the Associate Director of Leasing at a leading New York commercial landlord moves the company to a leasing management platform?

A repetitive leasing process

Elizabeth Bueno has experienced the Brooklyn renaissance first hand. As the Associate Director of Leasing at Two Trees, a Brooklyn-based real estate development firm with a $4 billion portfolio, she has seen the firm’s leasing business evolve as quickly as the market.

For a long time, “our leasing business was all paper and spreadsheets,” explained Liz. “We worked hard to keep tabs on who called in and the status of deals. But, we struggled to keep track of data — phone logs, showings, who saw what space, and so on.” She continued, “We always knew this system didn’t scale. It felt repetitive, error-prone, and slow. But, this was how everyone managed their leasing business, so we made the best of it.”

In 2014, Two Trees decided it was enough. “We got the push to find a better system, one that could support us as we scaled. First, we looked at Salesforce, but quickly recognized that it wasn’t designed for commercial leasing and didn’t support our workflow.” After some more research, one of Liz’s colleagues discovered Hightower.

An integrated, streamlined leasing process

“After evaluating the platform it became clear Hightower would solve the challenges we were having,” said Liz. “The software is purpose-built for CRE, and designed to support our specific leasing needs.”

She continued, “Not only have we transitioned from paper, but we were able to integrate all of our systems and data into a single platform. Property management systems, accounting systems, leasing — everything. Everyone is all on the same page at the same time, all the time.” 

Billy Fink
Billy Fink
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