Manage All Your Asset Activity with the New VTS Stacking Plan

The stacking plan is now even more powerful. Loaded with new features and usability improvements, VTS users can now see their assets in entirely new ways.

A more intuitive expiration lens to help with forecasting
The expiration lens now sits along the top navigation with more vibrant colors, allowing you to spot risks and tenant profiles from anywhere on the page. The view forecasts the RSF and number of leases expiring in the next 8+ years.

A new deal stage lens to help see leasing activity
With this new lens, users can use their stack as a dynamic leasing activity report. Check on the progress the leasing team is making on spaces with just a glance.

Committed lease & executed deal details to know what’s really vacant
Committed leases are now stored on the stacking plan on both currently occupied spaces and vacant spaces. Committed leases on vacant spaces will keep the space vacant to show me the physical occupancy status of the space, but the Committed Badge tells users when the next tenant is moving in. Executed deals are also now displayed on the appropriate spaces.

A legend for each lens so the colors aren’t confusing
With greater colors come greater responsibility. As more information is surfaced on the stack, there needs to be a way to keep the stack skimmable and effective. The legend for each lens (and the expanded view below) includes: Unit, size, in-place lease, in-place total rent, LXD, Details which encompass deal count, committed leases, executed deals and type of option)

A more powerful search to find the right info faster
Search now includes unit name so users can quickly find a particular space versus scrolling through the stacking plan. You can also search by committed lease name and executed deal name.

A robust side pane to surface more info
The stacking plan side pane improves the way users dive into the details of that space and consume the information. Review space info, leases, deals, budgets, and options without having to leave the stacking plan.

Overall usability improvements

  • Better space layout
  • Vibrant colors
  • Visual indication of available spaces
  • A new options symbol
  • A new tooltip to uncover important info on small spaces without having to expand
Billy Fink
Billy Fink
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