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Strengthening Customer Engagement and Retention
with VTS

"What we’re focusing on is how we can increase retention and deepen the relationship with our customers. TRM helps us track all of those relationships we have, and creates transparency about the health of our relationships."

John Robbins, Senior Managing Director

Granite Properties




8.8M SF


Dallas, Houston, Denver, Atlanta, Southern California

Granite Properties is a leading commercial real estate investment, development, and management company that takes a unique approach to tenant management. The firm has made the deliberate decision to treat tenants as customers by proactively investing in these relationships and focusing on the experience in their properties. Granite does this by partnering with their customers to gain an in-depth understanding of their business needs.

Granite realized a need for a customer relationship management technology when two senior leasing people retired, taking with them 20 years worth of institutional knowledge about the company’s relationships. In VTS, Granite has found a platform to manage all customer relationships, streamline leasing management, and much more.

Challenges & Roadblocks

Why Granite Properties needed to transform its approach to customer relationship management and leasing

Improve customer relationships

Granite was looking to improve how they managed customer relationships with the help of a standard approach that would keep the team up to date about interactions and other data.

Enhance the leasing process

Granite wanted real-time insight to enable the team to act more quickly on time-sensitive deals and speed up the leasing process.

Increase portfolio

Granite wanted an organized way to manage leasing activity so the entire team could stay up to date about portfolio performance.


Transforming the customer relationship management and leasing process at Granite Properties

Stronger customer relationships

By managing all customer relationships, including updates and interactions, with VTS TRM, Granite Properties is now able to leverage critical insights to retain high-value customers, accelerate new leasing deals, and mitigate against risk. So far, over 80 customers have updated profiles from more than 30 employees.

Accelerated transaction speed

The team at Granite now receives deal updates from brokers as they happen and has full visibility into deal history. This real-time information allows the team to respond to opportunities faster, accelerating overall deal transaction speeds. After just six months on VTS, the team has already reduced the time to convert a lead to an executed lease by 14% and they’re just getting started.

Real-time portfolio visibility

VTS ensures that the Granite team is always working from up-to-date, accurate information. Granite’s Executive team also has real-time visibility into portfolio-wide activity at their fingertips.


tenants with updates captured in VTS
in deal cycle time after just six months on VTS
1.5 days
average age of information entered into VTS

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