Video Services FAQ

Video Services FAQ

Q: Can we cancel or reschedule a Filming Date?

A: The Client recognizes that VTS is required to coordinate and schedule professional resources with custom video equipment and that VTS requires no less than four (4) business days’ notice of any request to cancel or reschedule a Filming Date, regardless of reason (including weather). VTS will use reasonable efforts to accommodate Client’s requests for specific dates and times, but it may not be possible to accommodate all dates and turnaround timing.

Q: What is the Client responsible for on each Filming Date?

A: The building manager or a representative from the Client must be available to meet VTS at the Covered Building to provide access to the VTS film crew. The representative must be available to provide access to lobby areas, amenity areas, and spaces that are to be filmed. All areas to be filmed will be ready for filming prior to the arrival of the Film Crew. The VTS Film crew cannot provide any assistance with cleaning, repairing, moving, lifting, shifting any furniture, fixtures, walls, floors, ceilings, etc. that are in the building or its spaces. It is also not possible to digitally edit out any said furniture, fixtures, walls, floors, ceilings, etc., thus the spaces and building areas must be in the condition desired by the Client for filming.

Q: Does VTS provide insurance documents when they shoot on premises?

A: If Client requires VTS to provide insurance documents in order to shoot on premises, a request and specific requirements for these documents must be provided at least 5 business days prior to the Filming Date.

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