The Top 9 Commercial Real Estate Blogs

Commercial real estate blogging has exploded in recent years. Brokers, owners, and service providers alike have adopted the strategy as a means to demonstrate market knowledge and secure a competitive edge.

Unlike traditional publications or news aggregators, which emphasize transactions or new leases, the best blogs highlight major trends and best practices within the industry. We try to emulate many of them on our own blog. Here are our 9 favorite commercial real estate blogs:

1. CBRE Blueprint

CBRE is already known for interesting research reports, and Blueprint takes it a step further. The publication is a clever mix of global trends, hyperlocal analyses, and discussions of the more creative and tangential trends influencing CRE.

Check outthe blog here >

2. JLL Real Views

JLL Real Views — a newly launched publication in JLL’s suite of content — has a particularly forward-looking focus and demonstrates the brokerage’s ability to be a true thought leader in CRE. Most of the topics emphasize innovation, sustainability, workplace, urbanization, and architecture.

Check outthe blog here >

3. Urban Land

Although it’s technically a magazine, this ULI-supported publication is too good not to include. Dozens of blog articles are published between magazines, and cover a range of international topics focused on development and land use. The articles have the added perk of being particularly practical and advice-focused.

Check outthe blog here >


NAIOP has finally brought their thought leadership to a blog format. After decades of developing CRE insights through chapter meetings and a research foundation, the association launched a blog about a year ago. Their articles are bite-sized and touch on the must-know details of major trends in the CRE space.

Check outthe blog here >

5. The Tenant Advisor

Coy Davidson, a.k.a The Tenant Advisor, has amassed a substantial following — especially on Twitter (25k followers, and counting!). And, it’s no surprise once you read his content. His articles are consistently insightful, enjoyable, and helpful for tenants. Be sure to watch for his recommended reading round-ups at the end of each week.

Check outthe blog here >

6. Duke Long

Duke Long is certainly one of the most well-known and controversial bloggers in CRE. He has been in the blogosphere for years, particularly leading the charge with CRE tech and the companies behind it. Whether or not you agree with his analysis, you can always expect him to tell it like he sees it.

Check outthe blog here >

7. Propmodo

If you are interested in commercial real estate technology, you really should subscribe to this daily newsletter. Founded on the assumption that “Technology is changing the commercial real estate business,” this blog sends out daily round-ups of interesting CRE tech articles and news.

Check outthe blog here >

8. The Broker List

The ultimate resource for articles published by CRE professionals, the Broker List is a unique place to keep your pulse on the market — as told by CRE professionals for CRE professionals. The content is crowdsourced from existing writers or those looking for a location to share their opinions and insights.

Check outthe blog here >

9. CREOutsider

Chris Clarke consistently delivers interesting articles that discuss the practical applications of technology in commercial real estate. As a tenured technology consultant, she approaches the topics — as the blog name suggests — from a different and unique perspective.

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