NorthWest HealthCare Properties Regional GM Dave Casimiro on Using Technology to Better Serve Medical Office Tenants

NorthWest HealthCare Properties Regional GM Dave Casimiro on Using Technology to Better Serve Medical Office Tenants

06/04/18 · Katie Higgins · 10 MIN READ
Toronto, Ontario-based NorthWest HealthCare Properties REIT is the biggest non-government owner and manager of medical...

Why the Landlord-Tenant Relationship Needs to Evolve

08/16/17 · Patrick Kehoe · 7 MIN READ
Tenant requirements have evolved dramatically over the past 10-15 years.

Is an Airbnb-Style Platform for Healthcare Real Estate Just What the Doctor Ordered?

06/21/17 · Liz Wolf · 6 MIN READ
While Airbnb matches travelers with people with a room or house to rent, a similar platform has been launched for...

The Top 4 Commercial Property Owners by Square Feet

10/19/16 · Kelly O'Brien · 5 MIN READ
When the biggest commercial real estate property owners make moves, the rest of the industry feels the consequences.

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How Developers Are Accounting for Rising Sea Levels

10/12/16 · Kelly O'Brien · 7 MIN READ
The entire globe has contributed to climate change, but the negative consequence will be unevenly distributed on the...

5 Apps to Make Your Buildings Smarter

07/26/16 · Amanda Marsh · 4 MIN READ
When the industry talks about smarter buildings, it’s usually centered on building or energy management systems.

Medical Office Buildings: Just What the Doctor Ordered?

07/22/16 · Liz Wolf · 7 MIN READ
To say that U.S.

The 6 Types of Commercial Real Estate Property

05/18/16 · Amanda Marsh · 7 MIN READ
The first step of any successful commerial real estate career is learning about the types of sectors that make up...

Industrial Vacancy Hits Lowest Point in a Decade

03/30/16 · Amanda Marsh · 4 MIN READ
Don’t blink, or you might miss an opportunity.

Medical Office Sector Retains Investor Confidence

01/26/16 · Ian Ritter · 4 MIN READ
Medical office buildings (MOBs) were once considered secondary to office, industrial, retail, and multifamily in...

The Ongoing Retailization of Medical Offices and Hospitals

12/14/15 · Matt Logush · 4 MIN READ
The healthcare sector — and the myriad of real estate assets supporting it — is evolving.

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