Amid a Sea of Store Closures, Home-Improvement Retail Thrives

03/03/17 · Ian Ritter · 4 MIN READ
The home-improvement sector of commercial real estate tends to fluctuate.

Projects In and Around Airports Soar

02/15/17 · Tierney Plumb · 4 MIN READ
Real estate in proximity to airports is taking off these days, with developers seeing now as a prime time to erect...

The World’s Leading Brokers & Landlords Talk the Future of New York Real Estate

12/13/16 · Katie Higgins · 4 MIN READ
When you have the New York heads of two of the world’s largest commercial real estate brokerages in a room together,...

The 4 Most Common Tenant Improvements for Today’s Office

10/17/16 · Katie Paxton Christ · 5 MIN READ
We know that millennials are already making a big impact on office life and work style.

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Why Your Office Building Needs a Bike Valet

10/13/16 · Tierney Plumb · 5 MIN READ
These days, office owners are taking a page out of the luxury apartment playbook and offering off-the-wall perks to...

Outdated Offices Being Converted Into Popular New Residences In Surprising Cities

09/29/16 · Liz Wolf · 6 MIN READ
The concept of converting older, obsolete office space into apartments and condos isn’t new.

These Commercial Real Estate Sectors Have Gone to the Dogs

08/26/16 · Amanda Marsh · 6 MIN READ
With National Dog Day upon us August 26, we take a look at some ways Rover is being celebrated across three commercial...

Millennials Actually Like the Suburbs

08/15/16 · Tierney Plumb · 5 MIN READ
For the past few years, the media has churned out a steady stream of stories describing how city-loving millennials are...

Increased Office Density is Causing Real Trouble for Parking Lots

08/02/16 · Liz Wolf · 5 MIN READ
As companies squeeze more employees into less office space – in an effort to increase efficiency and productivity —...

Millennials Are Driving a Creative Office Surge in Suburban Markets

07/27/16 · Ian Ritter · 5 MIN READ
There is a countrywide trend toward non-traditional office spaces that has spread outwards of urban areas.

Golf Course Profitability: Are They Still Good Investments?

07/14/16 · Amanda Marsh · 6 MIN READ
While the U.S.

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