When Will Millennials Move to the ‘Burbs?

07/11/16 · Billy Fink · 5 MIN READ
Millennials are known for their love of all things urban.

3 Ways Millennial Tech Talent is Shaping CRE Markets

07/06/16 · Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio · 4 MIN READ
Tech markets are growing like crazy.

The Art of Placemaking: Curating the Perfect Space

06/03/16 · Tierney Plumb · 5 MIN READ
“Placemaking” is a classic planning and development concept to describe a community-oriented approach to designing...

How Telecommuting is Shaping the Modern Office

04/25/16 · Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio · 5 MIN READ
Telecommuting is on the rise, having risen 79% between 2005 and 2012.

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3 Reasons Coworking Isn’t Going Anywhere

04/21/16 · Billy Fink · 5 MIN READ
Last month, WeWork hit a $16 billion valuation.

Storefronts Are Here To Stay…If They Evolve

04/07/16 · Tierney Plumb · 7 MIN READ
The brick-and-mortar shopping experience is not a dying breed, but stores need to embrace new technology systems of...

5 Proven Ways for CRE Companies to Attract New Talent

04/06/16 · Liz Wolf · 6 MIN READ
Commercial real estate is about to enter an awkward period for hiring and talent retention.

Millennials and CRE: Everything You Need to Know

03/31/16 · Billy Fink · 7 MIN READ
Millennials, by definition, are people born between the early 1980s and 2000.

5 Insights into the Workplace of Tomorrow from CBRE

03/29/16 · Billy Fink · 5 MIN READ
It is no secret that offices are changing.

Is Online Grocery Delivery a Threat to the Traditional Supermarket?

03/21/16 · Ian Ritter · 5 MIN READ
There has been a lot of talk lately about online grocery delivery.

What Does Airbnb Mean for the Future of Traditional Hotels?

02/26/16 · Liz Wolf · 6 MIN READ
With 2 million listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries, Airbnb’s impact can no longer be overlooked by traditional...

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