3 Leading Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice for CRE Brokers

09/13/17 · Katie Higgins · 3 MIN READ
At its core, commercial real estate brokerage is truly an entrepreneurial business.

C-Suite of the World’s Top Brokerages Talk Tech’s Role in the Future of CRE

07/26/17 · Katie Higgins · 5 MIN READ
What role will technology play in the future of brokerage and the role of the broker?

9 Essential Podcasts for CRE Brokers

07/17/17 · Alden Ewing · 5 MIN READ
For the entrepreneurial real estate professional who is time poor but wants to stay up to date with the latest market...

13 Must-Read Commercial Real Estate Books

07/05/17 · Alden Ewing · 6 MIN READ
Now that summer has begun, everyone deserves a chance to sit back and relax for a little while.

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Is an Airbnb-Style Platform for Healthcare Real Estate Just What the Doctor Ordered?

06/21/17 · Liz Wolf · 6 MIN READ
While Airbnb matches travelers with people with a room or house to rent, a similar platform has been launched for...

Generalist or Specialist? A Primer for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

03/29/17 · Amanda Marsh · 5 MIN READ
In most industries, professionals can choose to be a generalist or specialist—and commercial real estate brokerage is...

Driving Business Through Content: 10 Tips For Real Estate Professionals

03/21/17 · Michael Beckerman · 4 MIN READ
As someone who has been in the real estate public relations/media/marketing sector for almost 30 years, I can honestly...

The Modern Broker: 3 Golden Rules to Live By

03/14/17 · Lou Jacobsohn · 3 MIN READ
It’s no secret, commercial real estate is changing.

3 Signs Your Brokerage Needs New Tech

03/02/17 · Katie Higgins · 3 MIN READ
For brokers working in today’s market, chances are you’re not completely enamored with the technology solutions your...

The Case For Dual Agency and the Impact of the California Ruling

02/08/17 · Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio · 6 MIN READ
It’s not easy to serve two different masters, but that’s exactly what dual agency does.

The World’s Leading Brokers & Landlords Talk the Future of New York Real Estate

12/13/16 · Katie Higgins · 4 MIN READ
When you have the New York heads of two of the world’s largest commercial real estate brokerages in a room together,...

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